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Make an application to the Benevolent Fund

Make an application to the Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund of the RCM Trust is a charity whose main aim is to support midwives and maternity support workers in times of financial need, helping to get lives and careers back on track.

We work in partnership with Cavell Nurses’ Trust to meet this aim and together we will increase the number of midwives and maternity support workers we help and improve the impact we have in people’s lives.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust supports UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship often due to illness, disability, older age and domestic abuse. It’s also a charity and helps people at no cost to them.

Through Cavell Nurses’ Trust, the RCM will now be able to offer a tailored package of support to help everyone who gets in touch with our Benevolent Fund. Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s experienced and caring Welfare Services Team gives:

  • Emotional support for those in crisis
  • Advice on maximising benefits
  • Signposting to specialist counselling services
  • One-off grants to quickly relieve financial hardship
  • Rapid emergency funding for those at great risk

Who can apply?

  • Registered midwives
  • Retired midwives
  • Student midwives in unanticipated and exceptional circumstances
  • Maternity support workers
  • Retired maternity support workers

How to apply

To make an application please complete the online form here. On receipt one of our advisors will make direct contact with you to discuss whether and how we can help.

On our behalf, Cavell Nurses’ Trust’s staff will process your application and support you through this process.  Any financial assistance granted to you will be made from the proceeds of the RCM Benevolent Fund itself.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust Research

Read the Cavell Nurses’ Trust's 'Skint, Shaken Yet Still Caring' research below, which highlights nurses, midwives and HCAs experiences in financial hardship, deprivation, domestic abuse, health, illness, wellbeing and employment.

Skint, Shaken Yet Still Caring' research

Make a donation to the Benevolent Fund

To make an application and donate to the Benevolent Fund here