The career framework aims to provide:

  • RCM members with profession specific, clear and accessible information, advice and guidance on their careers
  • a showcase of the different opportunities available in practice, management, education and research
  • practical advice on how to make your next career move
  • information on what education and training you might need to plan and undertake to help you reach your goal
  • case studies of real life journeys into roles that you could aspire to

It is anticipated that the career framework will be of interest to:

  • student midwives thinking and planning their early career choices
  • support workers looking into the career opportunities available to them
  • midwives planning a clinical role change
  • midwives thinking about moving into research, education or management
  • directors and heads of midwifery when developing their service
  • education providers when proposing and designing continuous professional development opportunities with service in mind
  • practice educators when planning staff development
  • commissioners of services and education provision

This resource was launched at the RCM’s annual conference in October 2018. Whilst there are lots of career frameworks out there, this provides profession specific guidance regarding the education and training, knowledge, skills and expertise needed to develop your ongoing career and professional development. We explore opportunities available to you in practice, education, management and research whether you wish to work part time or full time or prefer to develop a portfolio type career.

Currently the career framework focuses on careers in the National Health Service (NHS) and higher education institutions (HEIs) but as new career opportunities come on board we will continue to add to the selection of roles described both within the NHS, HEIs and outside. Please note, you need to be logged into your RCM account to access i-learn. 

We are currently in the process of developing the research pillar of our framework to recognise the potential and opportunities for midwives to become research aware and active. There are exciting opportunities for midwives wishing to become clinical academics working in HEIs while providing clinical expertise to the maternity setting or as clinically active midwife researchers researching ways of improving outcomes for women, their babies and families while maintaining a leading clinical role. 

Central to the framework is leadership since every midwife and support worker has a leadership role to play in supporting women, colleagues, teams and the wider services as well as supporting those midwives with the responsibility of moving practice forward.

We are continually looking for and adding to the profiles on the site, so please come back to see the wealth of opportunities that working in the maternity setting can offer you.

For enquiries or to contribute a case study contact [email protected]