RCM workplace representatives are the backbone of the RCM

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Representing and supporting members is a demanding role, which carries with it hard work and serious responsibilities.

Yet it can also be very satisfying, especially when you are able to win a fair deal for our members. The skills that you gain as a workplace rep will assist you in your career and will also aid your personal and professional development.

All our workplace representatives (WPRs) are fully trained to support, represent and negotiate. They are supported by officers who are registered midwives, able to understand clinical incident issues. RCM organisers will be on hand to assist workplace representatives in the recruitment of members, holding workplace meetings and for learning representatives, hosting events.

To help you decide whether you're up for this exciting challenge, we've created the So you want to be an RCM Workplace Representative booklet for midwives and maternity support workers (MSWs).

We have three types of workplace representatives with specific duties – stewards, learning representatives and health and safety representatives. For more information about these different positions, see below.