As midwives and maternity support workers (MSWs), we are often the caregivers, the shoulders of support to many women and families – and it is what we love about the profession. However, we cannot pour from an empty cup. That is why the RCM has joined forces with the Cavell Nurses' Trust to provide members with support through personal and financial hardship.

The financial support has been a crucial lifeline for many RCM members suffering a personal or financial crisis often due to illness or disability. It has provided midwives and MSWs the means to get out of abusive relationships and it has helped them back on their feet and most recently it has supported members throughout the pandemic and more recent cost-of-living crisis. It has even helped with emergency car repairs. No issue is too small that we can’t help you with.

The RCM and Cavell Nurses’ Trust have been working together for many years and we look forward to working together more closely and more efficiently to help support and change the lives of midwives and MSWs.

Whether it’s you, or a colleague, just a little extra help at the right time can transform life. So, we encourage midwives and MSWs who are stressed and struggling because of money worries to get in touch.