RCM calls for quick implementation of England pay award

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The NHS Staff Council - made up of the 14 health unions including the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) – met today and based on the majority position from trade unions has accepted the Government’s pay offer for England for 2022/23 and 2023/24. The RCM is now calling for the award to be implemented as quickly as possible.

Alice Sorby, Director for Employment Relations at the RCM, said: “This is a deal that has not been given up willingly by the Government. It has been achieved by the willingness of our members and those of other unions to stand up and make their voices heard. It is this that moved the Government from their earlier inflexible position and pushed them to put an improved deal on the table. This chapter is ending but it is not the end of our pay campaigning, and that story will continue. The real terms value of NHS pay still needs to be restored and will be a focus of future efforts by the RCM.

“This dispute was not only about pay but also about improving working conditions and the safety and quality of care for women.  Non-pay elements of the deal do start to address some of these issues. However, England has a longstanding, serious, and rising midwife shortage. Maternity services are also not getting the levels of investment they need, and what is there is not reaching the frontline quickly enough. Midwives, maternity support workers, and their colleagues deserve the best possible resources to do their jobs, and we will maintain pressure on the Government to deliver that for them.”


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Notes to Editor 

The NHS Staff Council statement on the pay offer acceptance can be read at Staff Council statement - pay offer outcome - 02.05.23.pdf (nhsemployers.org).

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