RCM response to the Independent Culture Review of the Nursing and Midwifery Council

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The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has said that the publication today of the Independent Culture Review of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) will make difficult reading for the regulator and registrants. However, getting regulation right is imperative, both for midwives and nurses, and for the public.

Gill Walton, RCM Chief Executive, said:

“Sadly, what this damning review has shown is that our regulator, in which midwives must place their trust, does not embody the values it expects from its registrants. We have long argued that the NMC is under resourced, and the impact of that is clear to see in this review. The pressure and lack of leadership at various levels has led to a loss of compassion, not only for colleagues but for those going through the fitness to practise process. While I commend the NMC for commissioning this report, it must now learn from it and make the immediate and essential changes to put fairness at its heart.”

The RCM has said that it will work with the NMC to address the issues raised, to ensure that the systems and processes support all registrants.

Gill added:

“This is a review specifically of the NMC, but there are implications for all of us in midwifery, including how we raise concerns, and how those concerns are dealt with, and around supporting whistleblowers. Toxic workplace cultures have a huge impact on maternity safety, so being able to raise concerns effectively and appropriately is imperative.

“We have been and always will be clear that racism has no place in midwifery .The RCM is committed to a zero tolerance approach to racism, something which we uphold through our Race Matters programme, and we also recognise that there is always more we can do to improve equality, diversity and inclusion, not only within the profession but within the College too. That is our ongoing commitment to our members.”


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