Training for Activists

The access to free learning and development is one of the greatest benefits for our RCM activists. It is a requirement of accreditation as an RCM steward, learning representative or health and safety representative to undertake training in order to carry out the role effectively. A key skill to learn for all Activists is effective statement writing.

The RCM provides a number of free training programmes through a blended learning approach. This includes virtual and residential courses, regional training days and an annual activist conference. These are complemented by online learning through i-learn. Workplace representatives can also access the training offered by the TUC. For those in Northern Ireland, it is the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU).

The regional/country training days are held several times a year to update workplace representatives on any skills or changes to policies and procedures, and to allow ideas and experiences to be shared. These training days are a key part of your learning and development and you are expected to attend at least two training days per year.

You will also have regular contact with your regional/national officer and organiser for support and advice. It is the expectation that you will attend activists' conferences and report back to branches their activities. For further information on our training courses, see the workplace representative training section of our Events section. We have a set of i-learn modules available for workplace representatives via the Activists section on i-learn.

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