There are almost 200 RCM branches across all four countries of the UK, which undertake a broad range of activities in their local workplaces.

These activities include representing members individually, addressing workplace issues, hosting branch learning events, supporting members to attend RCM conferences and events, celebrating midwifery locally and reimbursing expenses incurred by workplace representatives while supporting members.

View the latest news and updates for our increasingly active branches here in our branch news. The role of an RCM branch is to promote and advance excellence in midwifery practice and policy by enabling members to meet together locally for trade union, professional, educational and social purposes. The branch governance handbook will support the branch committee in running a successful branch, providing guidance, information and advice.

Role of RCM branches

The branch is the basic unit of RCM organisation and all members can belong to one. RCM branches undertake the following activities:

Branch affiliation to Midwifery Societies