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Deliver positive change at pace

14 December 2020 The interim report from the Ockenden Enquiry was published last week. It is harrowing reading the accounts of the women and families involved and knowing that they had to wait so long for their voices to be heard. The complex culture that led to ...

In respect of vaginal examinations

17 December 2020 This last year has brought with it many challenges and surprises for maternity care, all of which midwives have risen to. Women and their families have had to face birthing in a different way than they planned and for some this has caused them disappointment ...

Midwifery matters at the NMC

24 May 2021 Someone recently said that our approach to midwifery practice at the NMC should be to “think once, think twice, think midwife!” With more than 39,000 midwives on our permanent register, we recognise how important it is to have a positive ...

Race Matters for all of us

26 May 2021 It has been a whole year since the murder of George Floyd, an event that shook many individuals and organisaitons into action against systemic racism. I don’t think any of us, regardless of who we are or where we come from, have not been disturbed ...