Spotlight series: safety in maternity

This video discuss how the trade union and professional side of the RCM come together with safe strategy and safe care  in maternity.


  • Dr Mary Ross-Davie provides an overview for safety in maternity talking about, safe systems, civility, culture and psychology.
  • Lia Brigante discusses the RCM solution series and how you can use the publications and self assessment tools to review your service and practice.
  • Alessandra D’Angelo talk about the Tommy’s National Centre for Maternity Improvement a collaboration with the RCOG, RCM and Tommy's to reduce the number of babies born prematurely or stillborn each year in the UK.
  • Wendy Randall, Consultant Midwife Project Lead for Avoiding Brain injury in Childbirth (ABC) discusses the collaboration between the RCM, RCOG and THIS Institute. This is a national programme to roll out tools and training products and seeks to address workplace culture factors, such as ensuring midwives and obstetricians are working together to deliver safe care. 


Avoiding Brain injury in Childbirth