RCM secures funding to continue workplace learning and training support for midwives and maternity support workers

on 07 April 2022 Midwifery Midwives RCM Member MSWs - Maternity Support Workers NHS Unions

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in Wales has secured more funding to support its members with workplace education and training through its union learning representatives (ULR). The money - which runs through to 2025 - comes from the Welsh Government via the Wales Union learning Fund (WULF).

This is the latest batch WULF of funding which the RCM first secured in 2013. The range of online, blended, and hybrid learning and training courses the RCM has been delivering over the past three years in partnership with employers is varied and wide ranging. While many courses have been online over the past two years due to the pandemic, as we move forward there will be more in person events, alongside online and hybrid to offer the widest participation possible for its members.

“This is great news for our members in Wales and will enable us to carry on delivering courses on issues and topics that are important to our members and have a direct and positive impact on their working lives. The feedback on the courses has been really positive and members say they really help them with their working lives and practice,” said Hazel Marsh, the RCM’s WULF Project Manager.

“It is also great news for our learning reps who do such a wonderful job of organising and delivering the training and courses right in the workplace making it so much easier for our members to attend. It is their efforts and drive that led to us securing funding to continue for another three years.”

There is a diverse range of courses including digital skills, domestic abuse awareness, delivering difficult news, smoking in pregnancy, mental health awareness and healthy working relationships. All of this is on top of the advice that learning reps have provided individually for members. 

The project has led to improvements for staff in many areas, not least reducing dropout rates for some staff says the RCM. It has also strengthened collaborations and relationships with health boards, educational providers, voluntary sector organisations and midwifery societies.”

“This also broadens out access to learning for many staff who may not have that access. It has a valuable and key role in widening participation in learning and gives opportunities to all maternity staff irrespective of seniority or previous educational achievement or experience,” said Hazel. “Here’s to the next three years.”

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