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  • RCM standards for midwifery services
    21 October, 2016

    The RCM launched the UK’s first standards for high-quality midwifery services yesterday.

  • Mary Renfrew
    20 October, 2016

    We have all the answers, but the question is whether there is the political will, asked Mary Renfrew at the RCM conference.

  • i-learn
    20 October, 2016

    A new i-folio module on cancer in pregnancy is to be developed by a charity and the RCM.

  • Matthew Jolly
    20 October, 2016

    Better Births is not just another report that will sit on the shelf, action is underway, it was claimed.

  • Pelvic girdle pain patient information
    19 October, 2016

    Maternity unit closures, budget cuts and reduced services are highlighted in a survey of UK senior midwives.

  • Dr Susan Crowther
    19 October, 2016

    The environment can have a big impact on the way in which we work, claimed Dr Susan Crowther.

  • Professor Michael West
    19 October, 2016

    Midwives need to be cared for in order to provide the best care possible, said Professor Michael West.

  • 19 October, 2016

    Midwives are leaving and being driven away by excessive workloads and poor staffing levels, says a new report.

  • RCM Conference 2016
    19 October, 2016

    A new culture of ‘doing, not just saying’ is emerging in health care, according to the chair of the Clinical Human Factors Group. 

  • Cathy Warwick
    19 October, 2016

    The RCM chief executive Cathy Warwick today vowed to consult more widely with the membership before policy decisions are taken.

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