RCM pauses Wales strike action to consult members on new pay offer

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Strike action set for 7 February by Royal College of Midwives (RCM) members across Wales has been paused following a new pay offer from the Welsh Government. The RCM will also be suspending action short of a strike planned for 7-14 February.

The RCM will now be moving quickly to consult its midwife and maternity support worker members on the new offer, which followed talks with the Welsh Government yesterday and today. Further talks are planned to address issues around staffing shortages, working conditions and pressures on services.

Julie Richards, RCM Director for Wales, said: “This has come about because of the determination of our members to make their voices heard and their readiness to take action. It brought the Welsh Government to the table and led to this offer.

“It is important that our members now have their say and the decision to accept or reject this offer lies with them. We are pausing this action in good faith so that other issues - such as pressures on staff and working conditions – can also be addressed. Make no mistake though, we still have a very strong mandate for industrial action and will not hesitate to take it if our members reject the offer, or if planned talks do not move forward as promised.”

The original offer from the Welsh Government was to give midwives and MSWs the 4% pay increase recommended by the NHS Pay review Body. The latest offer will give NHS midwives and MSWs a consolidated 1.5 per cent on top, plus a non-consolidated 1.5 per cent.


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