Long overdue pay offer finally arrives for midwives in Northern Ireland

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Months of waiting and campaigning, two days of strike action and a reformed Executive the RCM says has ‘finally’ resulted in a ‘long overdue’ pay offer for its members in Northern Ireland.

The proposed pay offer would see the restoration of pay parity with England with an uplift of 5% and a one-off payment of £1,505.

Today’s announcement has also confirmed the pay uplift will be back dated to April 2023. The RCM has said this is something its campaigned for and will be ‘a relief’ to many midwives and maternity support workers (MSW’s) who have had to face the cost-of-living crisis without any pay award in 2023.

The RCM Board met today to discuss the deal in detail and while they believe members deserve more, they’ve said it’s the best that can be achieved and are recommending it to RCM members. 

Commenting, RCM’s General Secretary Gill Walton says;

“Today has been a long time coming, particularly for our members who have taken to the picket lines twice over the past number of months. The uplift will also give our members pay parity with their colleagues working in the NHS in England. This was an important part of the RCM’s campaign in Northern Ireland, so we are pleased to have achieved this for our hardworking members. While this deal is not everything our members deserve it’s an important start and allows us to move forward". 

The RCM has confirmed that the 5% pay uplift will include bank staff and be back dated to 1 April 2023. In addition to this there will be a flat non-consolidated (pro rata) payment of £1505.00 for all member and a 5.2% increase for the on-call allowance rate.

The priority now the RCM says is to consult with members without delay and it’s confirmed that it will launch its member consultation on Wednesday 28 February, which will run for three weeks. It will also continue to work collaboratively with other unions on the non-pay elements of this offer.

Gill added:

“The RCM Board are recommending this deal to our members in Northern Ireland, but ultimately, it’s our members decision to accept or reject it. That’s why our next step is to launch a pay consultation to gauge their feelings on the offer. The Board believes this offer is a good starting point and the best that can be achieved for 2023/24.”




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