RCM responds to mileage rate increase for members in Northern Ireland

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The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) in Northern Ireland says today’s confirmation of a mileage rate increase for midwives will provide some relief to the cost-of-living pressures.

Health Minster Robin Swann announced that the increase will apply to all work-related car travel by Agenda for Change (AfC) staff, including Trust employed community midwives.

Currently, rates are 56ppm for the first 3,500 miles, and 20ppm for each mile thereafter. The increase now means the rate paid for mileage incurred above 3,500 miles will now be 30p per mile for a six-month period.

Commenting, RCM’s Regional Officer for Northern Ireland, Mary Caddell says;

“Today’s announcement is welcome news for our members, particularly for those midwives who are required to use their vehicles most frequently for work. This is something the RCM along with other unions in Northern Ireland have been calling for, for some time.

“Midwives and maternity support workers here are really feeling the squeeze from the increased cost of living crisis, and some are struggling financially. Anything we can do to elevate some of the financial hardship staff are experiencing has never been more important.”

Speaking to the RCM a midwife who wished to remain anonymous said;

“As a community midwife working in the Northern Trust, I cover a huge geographical area from as far as Dundrod to Toome to Ballynure and Straid and all in one day. This is not only very time consuming, but also exceptionally costly. The women we care for are also being impacted by the increased cost in fuel with some unable to afford to make journeys for all their appointments. This has meant they are relying on us more to facilitate care in their homes which is having a knock-on effect.”

The RCM says that while they understand paying this increased rate through staff payroll systems will take some time to implement, they are hoping this will be done sooner rather than later.

The RCM and other unions are continuing meetings with employers and the Department of Health to see if fuel cards can be made available urgently to those who have exceeded the 3,500 higher rates.

Mary added:

“Milage rates are just one of many issues impacting our members at present and our campaign for improving pay continues. We are calling on the Government to deliver an inflation-busting pay rise. One that will enable our hard-working members to keep up with the rapidly rising cost of living and make up for years of pay restraint.”


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