RCM comments on NHS Confederation female health staff survey

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Responding to a survey on the physical and mental wellbeing of female health and care staff by the NHS Confederation’s Health and Care Women Leaders Network, Suzanne Tyler, Executive Director for Services to Members at the RCM, said: “Midwives and maternity support workers are overwhelmingly female so these figures are very worrying but perhaps not surprising. Reports and surveys over the past year have consistently shown that the pandemic has hit midwives and other NHS staff hard, mentally and physically. We have been calling for them to be given time to recover from the battering they have taken over the past year, and this survey underlines the importance of that. If we don’t, we face the prospect of many NHS staff throwing in the towel and walking away under the weight of the pressures they have faced and are still facing.

“For midwives this is especially poignant as they celebrate International Day of the Midwife today. The theme of the day is invest in midwives and that is what we must do. Invest in their health and wellbeing and invest in better pay because both of these are investments in better care. Supported and valued NHS staff are better NHS staff, able to deliver even better care.”

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