A Warwick midwife has received a prestigious Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Fellowship for her inspiring midwifery work. Sarah Noble, Head of Midwifery at South Warwickshire Foundation Trust, received the award at the RCM’s national Education Conference in Leeds on Wednesday.

Midwives feel the love – but not by all - on International Day of the Midwife  

By Midwives feel the love – but not by all - on International Day of the Midwife   on 05 May 2020 Midwives RCM Maternity Services RCM Member Midwifery Government IDM - International Day of the Midwife ICM - International Congress of Midwives MSWs - Maternity Support Workers

Midwives across the UK are feeling the love as they celebrate International Day of the Midwife (IDM) today (5 May). A survey by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) shows a massive 94 per cent of midwives and student midwives feel valued by the public, with an even higher number (95 per cent) feeling valued by the women and families in their care.

Gill Walton, Chief Executive of the RCM, said: “It’s really important to recognise the care and dedication of midwives and other maternity staff, not only during the current crisis but all year round. As we celebrate a very different, virtual International Day of the Midwife it’s great to know that they feel valued. This goodwill is really helping midwives and their colleagues to keep pushing through this crisis, knowing the public are there with them and backing them every step of the way.”

However, only half (51%) of midwives felt their work was valued by the UK Government. 

Gill Walton added: “The Government has got to step up and show they care.  As we start to look beyond the crisis it is clear the Government needs a fundamental rethink about investing in the NHS not only to reduce midwife shortages but to ensure those already in the service receive the pay and conditions they deserve. Today we rightly focus on midwives and their vital contribution to the health and wellbeing of women. Let’s celebrate that everyday by giving them the resources to do their jobs.”



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