Key Scottish resources for the workplace

The RCM is the voice of midwifery and maternity in Scotland. We are the only professional organisation and trade union serving midwifery and the whole midwifery team. RCM Scotland is dedicated to improving the workplace experiences of midwives, maternity support workers (MSWs) and students. Here are some key resources for members in Scotland:

Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee
The Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC) is a partnership organisation which exists to collectively negotiate terms and conditions issues for NHS Scotland staff other than those which pertain exclusively to recognised separate collective bargaining arrangements.

‘Once for Scotland’ Workforce Policies
‘Once for Scotland’ Workforce Policies will promote NHSScotland as a modern, exemplar employer; showcasing our core values, and promoting consistent employment policy and practice that supports the implementation of the Staff Governance Standard and effective recruitment and retention.

Scottish Agenda for Change
Across the UK, the system applies to over one million NHS staff and in NHS Scotland, approximately 150,000 NHS Staff are on these terms and conditions of service. The pay system came into operation on 1st October 2004 and is the most radical reform of pay and conditions of service in the NHS since 1948.

Staff Governance Partnership
Partnership working is effective in bringing around organisational change and maintaining a stable employee relations climate. The NHS has always worked in conjunction with Trade Unions to negotiate terms and conditions for staff, but for the last 10 years NHSScotland has taken significant steps to develop the concept of partnership working.

Thompsons is there to provide RCM members with legal advice and support throughout your career and membership with the RCM. Its expertise extends beyond accident claims. Thompsons specialise in employment law and our solicitors and solicitor advocates have extensive experience in resolving employment disputes of all types.

Thompsons never represent insurers or big business: they always act for the underdog – the accident victim or worker. Nor do they limit to dealing with the law as it is – they actively campaign to make the law better, seeking reforms that will help workers, accident victims and their families.

As an RCM member you receive free legal advice and guidance with no hidden fees from Thompsons Solicitors who are recognised as one of Scotland’s leading accident and injury solicitors. Your membership also entitles your family members to free legal advice and representation if they have suffered a personal injury through no fault of their own keeping 100% of their compensation.

Thompsons Solicitors can help you or a family member claim compensation for the following types of accidents:

Accidents at work
Road traffic accidents
Cycle & motorcycle accidents
Serious fatal accidents
Industrial disease
Accidents abroad

Talk to Thompsons on 0141 566 8066 or visit

Workplace representative resources
Representing and supporting members is a demanding role, which carries with it hard work and serious responsibilities. The role is very satisfying, especially when you are able to win a fair deal for our members. The skills that you gain as a workplace rep will assist you in your career and will also aid your personal and professional development.

Representation guidance for RCM Stewards
Local stewards need to request a Representation Assistance Agreement (RAA) from RCM Connect when you agree to represent an RCM member. You do not have to request a RAA if you are only giving general advice. Below we have looked at the times you will be expected to request a RAA but please contact your national/regional officer for advice if you have any queries.