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Promoting better Maternity Services

Informed decision making

04 April 2022 Individuals must be provided with the expert advice and support that they would like, in order to understand the care, treatment and support options available to them. Receiving this advice and support enables women to make informed decisions ...
Position Statements

Safer staffing

18 March 2022 Every woman in established labour should be cared for by at least one midwife.
Evidence-Based Midwifery Journal

Evidence Based Midwifery - March 2022

08 March 2022 Professor Marlene Sinclair - EBM Editor 2003-2021 | Exploring the role of the digital midwife as leaders in the implementation and adoption of an electric health record: protocol for a scoping review of evidence | Examining the psychological ...
Midwives Magazine

Midwives Magazine - March 2022

01 March 2022 The latest Midwives magazine includes all the key updates on working in maternity during the pandemic, including clinical guidance, RCM support and good news stories.
Evidence-Based Midwifery Journal

EBM Special Edition –Editorials 2003-2021

24 February 2022 Charting the history of midwifery clinical academic research from its ‘birth’ in 2003 to the present day. Read and be inspired by Prof Marlene Sinclair who is a pioneer in Midwifery led research.