SMF webinar - refugees, asylum seekers and pregnancy

The SMF hosted a discussion with experts in helping women from  refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds. On this recording you will hear from organisations that can help practitioners to provide more holistic care to people from these groups and come to understand experiences that the people may have had in UK maternity care.


RCM position statement caring for vulnerable migrant women 

RCM pocket guide caring for vulnerable migrant women

Understanding asylum seekers and refugees - ilearn module

Caring for pregnant women seeking sanctuary presentation

Overview NHS charging for maternity care in England

Fear of deportation video developed by the Maternity Stream 

Language barriers video developed by the Maternity Stream 


  • Wan Abdullah, Expert by Experience Speaker, City of Sanctuary Leeds. An asylum seekers and mother's of 8 children. Originally from Malaysia and currently living in Leeds. Her last pregnancy experience in UK maternity system was the turning point of her life as she met amazing people who supported her. She is currently active sharing her positivity about the experience as expert by experience speaker specialize in maternity mental health.
  • Gerry Hickey, senior project officer for the Migrant Women's Rights Service at Maternity Action.
  • Diana Flores Gallardo is a refugee
  • Rose McCarthy, Chair of the Trustees and NCT antenatal teacher, Yorkshire and Humber Maternity Stream of Sanctuary and the NCT. Since 1991 she has taught NCT antenatal classes and in 2003 specialised in teaching free antenatal classes for people seeking asylum and refugees. She is a founding member of Leeds City of Sanctuary, the Maternity Stream of Sanctuary and the Health Stream of Sanctuary and is still actively involved in all three.With Experts by Experience, she has given awareness raising training on caring for people seeking asylum and refugees to thousands of people and plans to continue doing so.

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