The RCM Northern Ireland is the trade union and professional organisation for midwives, midwifery students and maternity support workers (MSWs). We influence and campaign on behalf of our members to improve their working lives. We promote and support high quality safe maternity care for women and their families.

We are the only professional organisation and trade union serving all our members across the maternity services.

The RCM works strategically at a local regional and national level with all our stakeholders. Our strategy is: 

  • Every midwife, student midwife and MSW in Northern Ireland is valued and visible to the RCM.
  • We are the expert voice that advocates for members and the profession.
  • We stand up for high standards and safety in maternity services for women and families in Northern Ireland.
  • We positively influence and support maternity services in Northern Ireland to deliver safe evidence based care.
  • We are the first point of contact for stakeholders who recognise our strength, knowledge and expertise.

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