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16 Days of Activism - One Man, Too Many Wives

By Halaleh Taheri, Founder and Executive Director of the Middle Eastern Women & Society Organisation on 02 December 2021 Polygamy is not something we see an awful lot of in Britain. The vast majority of the population marries just one person at a time. When we hear of people marrying more than once without getting divorced, its newsworthy because it’s rare … and illegal! ...

8 Tips for Responding to Domestic Abuse for Maternity Healthcare Professionals

By Gene Feder OBE - Professor of Primary Health Care at the Centre for Academic Primary Care, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol on 29 November 2021 Pregnancy is a time of heightened vulnerability to domestic abuse, not because it is necessarily more prevalent, but because it may start or become more severe antenatally.

New resources supporting care handover between midwives and health visitors

By Clare Livingstone, Professional Policy Advisor, RCM & Alison Morton, Executive Director, Institute of Health Visiting on 26 May 2021 Having demonstrated a significant improvement in outcomes for women and babies, providing continuity of carer along the whole ‘maternity journey’ has become a key tenet of modern midwifery policy. Additional resources are needed to implement ...

A welcome shot in the arm for maternity services

By Sean O'Sullivan, RCM Head of Health & Social Policy on 31 March 2021 Last week’s announcement of an extra £96m recurrent funding for maternity care in England provides a timely and long overdue investment in safe and high quality maternity services. Most of the new monies will be allocated to boost midwife and ...