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Promoting, Influencing and Supporting on behalf of our members around Continuity of Carer

By Mary Ross-Davie, Dircetor of Scotland and Kate Brintworth, Head of Maternity Transformation on 10 July 2019 This week we have seen the publishing of figures that show that 17.3% of women in England are now being booked onto a care pathway that should ensure they receive continuity of carer throughout pregnancy, whilst giving birth and in the postnatal ...

A new vision for Wales

By Vicky Richards on 08 July 2019 The Welsh government has launched its Vision for maternity services in Wales. After two years of work, involving women and their families, midwives, other NHS professionals, Health Boards, community and voluntary groups, the Vision and ...
RCM Opinion

Northern Ireland Pay Consultation results

By Karen Murray on 04 December 2018 Thank you to those of you who voted in the RCM's consultation of midwives and maternity support workers in Northern Ireland asking whether you would be prepared to take industrial action, up to and including strike action over pay.