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Midwifery matters at the NMC

By Dr Jacqui Williams and Verena Wallace MBE, Senior Midwifery Advisers, NMC on 24 May 2021 Someone recently said that our approach to midwifery practice at the NMC should be to “think once, think twice, think midwife!” With more than 39,000 midwives on our permanent register, we recognise how important it is to have a positive and ...

Wasting no time when it comes to pay

By Alice Sorby, Employment Relations Advisor on 20 May 2021 It’s been a whole month since I wrote my last blog on pay. In one month, we’ve seen Scotland members accept a headline offer of four per cent. We’ve seen the majority of the public call out the measly one per cent offer for England. We’ve seen celebrities ...

A welcome shot in the arm for maternity services

By Sean O'Sullivan, RCM Head of Health & Social Policy on 31 March 2021 Last week’s announcement of an extra £96m recurrent funding for maternity care in England provides a timely and long overdue investment in safe and high quality maternity services. Most of the new monies will be allocated to boost midwife and ...

Latest on pensions

By Lynne Galvin on 09 February 2021 The Government has published their response to the NHS pension scheme consultation that closed on 11 October 2020. The consultation was to decide how to correct the discrimination that has been identified in the McCloud Judgement and came ...

Safeguarding education

By Charlotte Wilson, Policy Advisor and Carmel Lloyd, Head of Education and Learning on 15 January 2021 As midwifery students, you are one of our most vital resources, the future of our profession. The past year has been extremely challenging, with studies disrupted and graduation delayed for the Class of 2020. As your trade union and professional ...

In respect of vaginal examinations

By Kathryn Gutteridge, President on 17 December 2020 This last year has brought with it many challenges and surprises for maternity care, all of which midwives have risen to. Women and their families have had to face birthing in a different way than they planned and for some this has caused them disappointment ...