Celebrating student midwives!

By Isla Innes-Love Student Midwife Forum member and student midwife on 19 June 2023 RCM UK Midwifery Student midwives SMF - Student Midwives Forum

To celebrate RCM Student Midwife Celebration Day the University of the West of Scotland midwifery society organised a summer party with an accompanying awards ceremony. RCM Student Midwife Forum (SMF) member Isla Innes-Love shares how she spent Student Celebration Day.  

In the lead up to the event students were able to nominate their peers for an award in a number of categories including; joy giver; illustrious leader; above and beyond; and stellar student.

Winners were selected for each category over all three years and were given a certificate and a prized golden pinnard – a newly decided necessity for every aspiring midwife’s personal kit. Winners were selected by two service users who got to read all about the exceptional work our students are doing and noted how pleased and at ease they were knowing that we were the future of midwifery.

Students were cheered on and celebrated by their peers as they heard some of the wonderful things they had to say about them, with two influential members of the midwifery society Siobhan Callaghan and Katie Mckenna giving beautiful speeches about how important it is to create these wonderful moments as it really does bring so much joy to our practice – amidst what can be a particularly challenging and stressful course.

Members of the lecturing team attended the event and were also given awards to acknowledge the integral role they play in making us into the wonderful midwives we all strive to be – providing us with all their nuggets of wisdom and constant encouragement. Winners Sheona Brown and Magi Hunter expressed the importance of student midwives to the future of midwifery and how their jobs are made easier by students coming forward with passion and enthusiasm to always learn and striving to deliver the best care possible.

The night ended with pizza and drinks and cake – in true midwife fashion. It was a wonderful event organised by wonderful people to celebrate the compassion, drive, and dedication that is demonstrated on a daily basis by student midwives.

I think I speak for us all when I say that it really is a privilege to be in the position that we are. It is a blessing that we are surrounded by so many strong, inspiring and generally incredible individuals also in the process with us and the workforce around us. Midwifery is more than a job, it is about sharing wisdom and celebrating wins and spreading joy – a truly beautiful community.

I hope that all the students across the UK feel so proud of themselves for showing up every day. You are all incredible.