We will ride through this storm together

By Gill Walton, CEO Midwifery MSWs - Maternity Support Workers

Trying very hard to create calm in the pandemic storm

Everyday in our COVID world I try to put aside my fears. The same fears we all have, for ourselves, our families, especially our elderly and those we know who are not as healthy as we wish they were. Trying like you to adjust to this strange and scary life we find ourselves in.

I try to remain calm for them.

What helps to put aside these fears is the awesomeness of the NHS and each and everyone who works in it. The clapping makes me cry! To all the midwives, MSWs and maternity staff: I swell with pride when I hear stories of how you are continuing to care for women and help bring some joy for them and for us all. This makes my heart soar. The kindness, common sense, innovation and compassion is incredible.

This helps me feel calm.

I also hear your worries and the panic and fear amongst the women and families you care for. Dwindling staff numbers, service changes, lack of PPE and lack of clarity of how it is used. Any guidance specific for maternity services lost in the muddle of acute and emergency care and support for a tornado of sick patients.

I need to find calm for you

We are your voice at the RCM. I have immense pride for the team here and how they have pulled together to make sense of the ever-changing information about all things COVID and get it to you quickly. That evidence and information changes all the time. What we say today may be wrong tomorrow, but It is like that for us all in this storm.

Team RCM makes me feel calm.

We are making your voice heard in all four nations, in the NHS and with government and organisations such as the NMC. WE are trying to be the voice of calm and reason at these tables recognising that everyone is trying their best. Calm is the most important contribution we can make.

Let us pledge to spread calm

And be as calm as we can

We will ride through this storm together