RCM signs benevolent fund agreement

By Hollie Ewers on 29 November 2018 Benevolent fund Cavell Nurses' Trust

An agreement to help administer and support the RCM’s benevolent fund has been signed by RCM chief executive Gill Walton and Cavell Nurses’ Trust chief executive John Orchard.

The fund, which provides financial assistance to those in immediate financial hardship, will remain the responsibility of the RCM’s elected board, and donations in its name will remain within the RCM’s charitable trust.

Members who fundraise and those who leave bequests can be assured that their money continues to support the midwives and MSWs in the greatest need.

Gill said: ‘Our benevolent fund is an important part of the RCM’s on-going commitment to supporting members, and exists largely because of the fundraising efforts of midwives and MSWs up and down the country.

‘To both safeguard its future and ensure it has maximum impact, the RCM has asked the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, who have great expertise, to administer and support the running of the charity’s services. By working together we can help more people more efficiently.’

John said the Cavell Nurses’ Trust is delighted to be able to work with the RCM to support midwives and MSWs in hard times: ‘Our trust is a charity dedicated to providing a package of support for UK nurses, midwives and support workers, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship.’

As well as providing financial aid, the trust also offers guidance, support and signposting to agencies and resources that can help.