New impact report on maternity care

By Julie Griffiths on 18 May 2018 NICE - The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Report Maternity Services

NICE has published a new impact report on maternity care that explores how its evidence-based guidance contributes to improvements.

The improvements include promoting safer maternity care and reducing stillbirths, and in increasing choice and personalisation.

It is the second of a set of impact reports, which review how NICE recommendations have been used in priority areas of the health and care system.

The reports are based on data from national audits, reports, survey and indicator frameworks that show the uptake of NICE guidance and quality statement measures.

NICE published the first report on cancer in January and in the coming months there will be eight more reports published on key healthcare topics.

In a joint foreword in the report, RCM CEO Gill Walton and RCOG president Lesley Regan say that they welcome this impact analysis and recognise that further improvements are required to improve maternity care still further.

Read the full report here.