New i-learn module on continuity of carer

By Hollie Ewers on 16 April 2018 Midwifery Continuity of Carer - MCOC RCM i-Learn

With support from NHS England, the RCM has developed a new online learning resource to help develop understanding about midwifery continuity of carer.

Current maternity policies in England and Scotland recommend that continuity of carer is the central model of maternity care in both countries. The health and social care secretary Jeremy Hunt has also announced recently his plans to support the roll out of a maternity system that is built around midwifery continuity of carer.

The RCM recognises that midwives, managers, students, lecturers and MSWs have lots of questions about this model of care and have created an introductory resource to it.

The module, which should take 40 minutes to complete, is available to all RCM members via i-learn and aims to answer common questions on continuity of carer.

Questions such as, what is the evidence that continuity improves outcomes? What is the proposed model of care? What would the working week of a continuity midwife look like? And what do we need to have in place to make continuity work for midwives and women?

RCM CEO Gill Walton said: ‘The RCM supports the principal that every woman across the UK should have a high level of midwifery continuity of carer. This new resource will support our members in developing their understanding of midwifery continuity of carer and how it can work for midwives as well as the families we care for. I recommend this great resource to our members – it’s practical, informative and engaging.’

The RCM aims to follow up on this introductory module with a further module focussing on strategies for scale up and roll out later in the year.

It’s hoped that members find the new module beneficial and feedback is welcomed.