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on 08 November 2018 Northern Ireland Pay and Agenda For Change

The following information in an update on Pay in Northern ireland following the latest meetings between the RCM and other health and social care trade unions in Northern Ireland and the Department of Health and employers to discuss the 2018/19 pay award for Agenda for Change staff. The latest meeting was on Monday 17 December 2018, please see below joint trade union note of the meeting.

Agenda for Change was introduced in 2004, bringing together several pay arrangements into one overall pay structure underpinned by Job Evaluation. Whilst its success is well-recognised, there is an accepted need across the UK for modernisation in a number of areas. he Department of Health, HSC Employers and Trade Unions are all clear that there is a need for a journey to achieve this reform. Equally there is also a commitment to Agenda for Change as a UK-wide framework.

After extensive discussions between the Department of Health, HSC Employers and Trade Unions, it is recorded that no formal agreement has been reached.

The Department of Health, however, has concluded that its proposal of 22 November 2018 represents the most appropriate way forward, as it is based on the Agenda for Change refresh principles. The Department of Health will proceed towards implementation with a view to having the award paid to staff before the end of the financial year.

The Department of Health, HSC Employers and Trade Unions are all committed to advance preparatory work as far as possible so that informed recommendations can be made in order to reach an acceptable refresh of Agenda for Change.’

Please see below for your information the pay scale for 2018/19, effective from 1 April 2018, which was published by the Department of Health on 22 November 2018.

We will of course keep you updated, please look out for further emails and read the joint union leaflet here. If you have any questions please speak to your Workplace Representative or email Mary Caddell, Regional Officer on [email protected].