FGM film to be released

on 10 April 2018 FGM - Female Genital Mutilation

A drama film based on the real life experiences of women who have undergone FGM is due to be released later this year.

Titled Crushed wings, the film by independent production company Cam Buddha Films sets out to challenge the outdated attitudes that keep the practice of FGM alive.

It has been directed and produced by Lalit Bhusal, who launched the project after hearing about the suffering many girls endure as a result of ‘cutting’.

He carried out extensive research involving dozens of interviews with FGM survivors, as well as a trip to India to study the experiences of the Bohra community.

The film was shot in locations across England, India and Nepal, and follows the tragic journey of Ria, who suffers a cycle of abuse at the hands of her community, beginning with a brutal backstreet FGM procedure at age five.

Based on collective real-life experiences, the film shines a spotlight on the realities of FGM, forced marriage and honour killing.

The cast features an array of up-and-coming actors including Oznur Cifci who takes the lead as Ria, alongside Nisaro Karim who portrays Ria’s aggressive husband.

The trailer for Crushed wings can be viewed here.