Baby scan nail art goes viral

By Julie Griffiths on 20 April 2018

A beautician, who recreated a baby scan picture onto a client’s nails, has seen a social media post of her work go viral.

According to the story covered by, Sarah Clarke from Stockton, who created the nail art for expectant mum Stacey Donaldson, shared a photo of her work on Facebook and Instagram and has since received thousands of reactions, shares and comments.

The free-hand drawn design of Stacey’s unborn baby is just one of many unique designs that Sarah has created and tried out for her clients.

Since posting the design, Sarah has been inundated with more appointments and requests for baby scan nail art – from women asking for the design for their wedding day, to those who have a lost a baby.

Sarah told Gazette Live that while she was nervous when it went viral, she has been overwhelmed with the attention and it has mostly been positive.

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