RCM launches new podcast and webinar series for members

By Gemma Murphy on 27 January 2021 RCM Member RCM

The Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has gotten 2021 off to a very digital start with a brand-new offering of podcasts and webinars for its members.

Every month the RCM will be delivering a new podcast episode and webinar, each focusing on the work the College is doing with and on behalf of its members, covering both its trade union activity and its role as a professional association. Some of the episodes will also feature midwives, maternity support workers and student midwives, as well as some special guests.

Today the RCM’s launches its first ever podcast which is now available via the RCM’s website and focuses on the midwives’ role in supporting women who have experienced severe and multiple disadvantages. In this new podcast the RCM speaks to two midwives to gain more of understanding of the situation, particularly the impact the pandemic has had, with an increase in domestic abuse. In addition, the episode explores how midwives and maternity support workers are now seeing more women with more complex issues and how professionals can and should be better supported to provide the care women need.

Earlier this week the RCM launched its first webinar of the year on the pressing issue of pay. The RCM’s Executive Director of External Relations, and lead negotiator on pay, Jon Skewes and Alice Sorby, Employment Relations Advisor, sit down and discuss what is being done to secure RCM members a decent pay rise and the next steps for its pay campaign, calling on the Government to Deliver a Decent Deal.

Commenting, the RCM’s Director for Communications and Engagement, Jo Tanner, said:

“We know how busy our members are, and how it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. We wanted to create something that was useful and informative, and something you can engage with when you’re on the go. The podcasts are ideal for that. With our webinars, we’ve built on the success of our Bitesize series on social media and developed a closer look at some of the important issues facing midwives and maternity staff - and they can also be used at branch meetings as conversation starters.”

The webinar series will be available exclusively to RCM members via the RCM website, with the podcasts available on anchor.fm Spotify and iTunes, the website or wherever you get your podcasts from.


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