RCM Student Members Finance Survey

on 18 June 2019 Student midwives Survey

The RCM are launching research into student midwife financial situations via the RCM Student Members Finance Survey.

The RCM want to hear from student midwives in regards to their experience in managing finances whilst completing their midwifery studies. We want to better understand what the needs and worries of students are and identify potential ways of making studying easier through financial support.

There have been a lot of changes to the way different governments in the UK support students; with fee increases and changes to loan and grant amounts it’s not easy for students to fund their studies. It’s important that the RCM are aware of what genuinely works for student midwives and what needs changing. This way, we can lobby for the most effective support for midwifery students and continue to work to support the midwifery profession by investing in the next generations.

Students are the future of the profession; in better serving them and supporting those about to embark on their career as a midwife, the RCM can fulfil its objectives in its efforts to promote midwifery, quality maternity services and professional standards.

The information gathered from this survey will help the RCM better understand and advocate for RCM student members. The research comes as part of a wider focus on student members, and ties in with the Student Midwife Recruitment Campaign.

To take part, please click here. 

The closing date for the survey is Sunday 30 June 2019.