Climate Strike 20 September

By Alice Sorby, Employment Relations Advisor, External Relations on 17 September 2019 TUC

I’m sure you will have seen the inspirational young people led by Greta Thunberg who have been going on strike from school on Fridays to highlight the climate emergency and demand action from world leaders. On the 20 September adults are being encouraged to follow in their footsteps with a day of action ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York.

This week the RCM attended TUC Congress where a motion was passed unanimously to support the day with workday campaign action. You can visit the Campaign Against Climate Change group website for ideas of what you can do. We are encouraging RCM members to get involved where you can but please note that this is not strike action, as we do not have a trade dispute and you haven’t been balloted to take industrial action. Any support should be during your own time, on breaks or agreed with your employer. The website above includes lots of different local events and links to share on social media.

If you do get involved please share pictures of your RCM branch activity with us and we wish you a really successful day.