2nd Year of New Pay Award and Structural Reform

on 01 April 2019 RCM

1 April 2019 marked the start of the second year of the three year framework agreement agreed by the NHS Staff Council that combined pay award and structural reform of the Agenda for Change pay system. The aim of the changes are to make the system fairer and support recruitment and retention. The changes don’t make up for 8 years of pay restraint, but they mark the beginning of trade unions once again being able to negotiate for fair pay on behalf of members. The information and rates below are only relevant to members in England. Members in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can find their resources through the RCM website here: https://www.rcm.org.uk/supporting/pay

Staff at the top of their pay band will see their annual basic pay increase effective 1 April 2019. For bands 2-8c, the pay increase is 1.7%. Staff employed at the top of their pay band on 31 March 2019 will also receive a non-consolidated lump sum of 1.1%, paid in April. For staff at the top of bands 8d and 9, both the pay increase and the non-consolidated sum will be capped at the level of band 8c.

Those not yet at the top of their pay bands will receive an annual uplift in April. In some cases, pay points will be deleted, and a transitional pay progression and the uplift will occur at the same time. This will effectively mean that they receive their pay progression early. However, some staff may receive their uplift on 1st April, but receive their transitional pay progression on their next pay step date (formally incremental date) instead.

RCM members should use the pay journey tool to review their individual pay journey, click here

The RCM is committed to nationally agreed terms and conditions and believe that Agenda for Change is the most fair, transparent and equitable system. Agenda for Change is supported by a robust job evaluation scheme that is fundamentally based on equal pay for equal work.

To see an overview of the changes from 1 April 2019, click here.