RCM supports the call for better miscarriage care

on 27 April 2021 Midwives Midwifery Workforce England Maternal Mental health Miscarriage

Responding to new miscarriage research and a call for better miscarriage care from the pregnancy charity Tommy’s, Dr Mary Ross-Davie, Director for Professional Midwifery at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), said “When a woman loses her baby during pregnancy it is a devastating loss. The long-term mental and physical effects can be serious and profound, and the NHS must take heed of this and step-up to support these women.

“The RCM has long said we must target more care and resources towards the most vulnerable women, and we welcome this focus in Tommy’s campaign. Care must be focused on women after a miscarriage to ensure the best possible mental health and bereavement support. This same focus should also happen when they become pregnant again, particularly for those who are most vulnerable, so that as much as possible can be done to stop these tragedies happening again and to enable women to be able to have as positive experience as possible in subsequent pregnancies.

These improvements need investment to make them a reality for every woman going through a miscarriage wherever they live.”


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