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A midwife who has dedicated her life to the midwifery profession and focused her research on midwifery, motherhood and advocate for women’s rights in childbearing has been award a Fellowship by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

Dr. Alys Einion-Waller qualified as a midwife in 1998 and worked clinically in different areas in England and Wales, before moving on to teaching midwifery in Bristol in 2005.

Since 2009 Alys has worked at Swansea University where she is now an Associate Professor of midwifery, departmental research lead and also heads up a hypnobirthing programme.

Alys also researchers in the areas of narratives, gender, feminist pedagogy and she has also published extensively in the fields of midwifery, education, gender and inclusivity. In addition to this she is member of the Editorial Board of the Practising Midwife Journal and has published two books throughout her career.


Commenting on her Fellowship,  Dr Alys Einion-Waller said: “Becoming a midwife was my greatest life ambition, and from the moment I entered the profession, I wanted to be the best midwife I could be, and help others to do the same.

“This award fills me with gratitude, that I was gifted the determination to succeed. To be a Fellow of the RCM means honour, recognition for my work and the chance to do even more for my profession, for my colleagues, and for the women and families we serve.”


Gill Walton Chief Executive of the RCM said: “I thoroughly congratulate Alys on her Fellowship and thank her all she had contributed to midwifery education and research over the course of her career. Her research has undoubtedly contributed to the profession. I can’t think of a better midwifery professor to educate, enthuse and support our future midwives.”




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