'RCM welcomes Scottish framework to implement continuity of carer’

By 'RCM welcomes Scottish framework to implement continuity of carer’ on 15 January 2020 Midwives NHS RCM Maternity Services NHS Scotland Scotland RCM Scotland Scottish Maternity Services Scottish Government Midwifery Continuity of Carer - MCOC Mary Ross Davie

A framework to enable maternity services to access useful tools and information to implement continuity of carer and local delivery of care has been published by the Scottish Government.

Commenting, Dr Mary Ross Davie, RCM’s Director for Scotland said; “The RCM welcomes the 'Implementation Framework for continuity of carer. Our members across Scotland are looking for guidance on how to successfully implement some of the key Best Start recommendations. We continue to support our members at a local level by representing the needs of midwives through a change process and at a national level with learning resources to support the delivery of continuity of carer.

“We particularly welcome the focus in the document on the need to really engage actively with staff throughout any change process – gathering their views and experience is crucial to ensure a safe and sustainable change. It’s also important that any changes of work patterns for midwives, works for them and enables them to deliver safe, high quality care to women and their families in Scotland.”



More information on Midwifery Continuity of Carer available here: https://www.rcm.org.uk/promoting/professional-practice/continuity-of-carer/

RCM’s Midwifery continuity of carer What if…?  series https://www.rcm.org.uk/media/3559/what-if-my-midwifery-continuity-team-is-organising-how-we-work-a4-4pp_6.pdf

Read Scottish Government Continuity of carer and local delivery of care: implementation framework here:https://www.gov.scot/publications/continuity-carer-local-delivery-care-implementation-framework/




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