‘MIDIRS to transfer to the Royal College of Midwives’

on 13 October 2018 RCM Member Midwives Midwifery MSWs - Maternity Support Workers Consultations

Members of NCT have today (Saturday 13th October) voted at their AGM to amend the charity’s articles enabling the transfer of ownership of the Midwives Information and Resource Service (MIDIRS) to the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

MIDIRS is a service established by midwives for midwives, providing much-valued information, research and guidance to support their work. Transferring MIDIRS from NCT to the RCM will place it at the heart of the midwifery community.

Suzanne Tyler RCM’s Executive Director for Services to Members said; “The RCM feels honoured that the NCT and its members have voted to transfer the ownership of MIDIRS to the RCM. 

“Over the past eighteen month the RCM and NCT have been in detailed discussions about securing the future of the already successful MIDIRS service which will now continue to thrive in its new home at the RCM.

“Transferring MIDIRS from NCT to the RCM will return MIDIRS to its natural home within the midwifery community.  This will undoubtedly further strengthen and enhance the services RCM offers our members with our existing magazine Midwives and our online learning platform i-learn and i-folio.

“MIDIRS was set up by midwives and is recognised nationally and internationally as an authoritative and valuable information resource service providing midwives and others access to research, evidence and guidance on which to base their individual practice. 

“This transfer has come about because of the mutually respectful and trusting relations between the RCM and NCT; both organisations seeking to do what is best for MIDIRS, for midwives and for women.”

Sam Grimstone, NCT Executive Director for Communications and Development, said; “This is an exciting time and opens possibilities for MIDIRS to reach even greater numbers of midwives in the UK and abroad. The MIDIRS staff team and its Advisory Committee and Editorial Board have been involved in the discussions about how the transfer will work and are all supportive of the plan.

“This decision comes after eighteen months of detailed discussion between the two organisations about securing the future of the hugely successful midwife information service. Over the coming months NCT and RCM will work together to ensure a safe and smooth transition, with no change for existing subscribers.” 




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