2021 RCM President Candidates

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The election for the RCM President will take place from 1 - 22 June

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Election address and competency statement:

Rebeccah Davies

The Maternity Service is undergoing transformation. Midwives and MSW’s are pivotal to its successful implementation. 2020 -21 has presented challenge in which Midwives and MSW’s have remained steadfast and committed to mothers and babies.

During my 30 years of Midwifery experience, I have undertaken several supporting roles, which include Supervision of Midwifery and qualification as a PMA. I became an RCM Workplace Representative in 2018 to represent colleagues in need of support with change that had a negative impact in their work environment. This achieved a positive outcome and subsequently, the Shropshire RCM Branch committee developed. Since retiring clinically as Delivery Suite Coordinator in July 2020 I was elected as Joint Staffside Chair and currently work collaboratively in developing fair Trust policy, attend JNCC and contribute to Steering Groups on topical issues. I continue to contribute to the upskilling and development of the role of the MSW.

In November 2019, I presented at the RCM Regional Activists Conference. It outlined our local campaign in how a very successful recruitment drive achieved the lead MSW membership in the country. It won the Pecha Kucha Award. In May 2020 on IDM, I received the national RCM Members’ Champion Award. This was a huge honour to gain such recognition.

In the wake of the impact of the Interim Ockendon Report, I recognise the level of support which is needed to bring about positive change in practice and culture. My current role enables me to support members and influence positive change in a pro-active way.

 Understanding “how it actually is” enables me to ask the pertinent question with professional bravery and diplomacy. I lead by example with drive and passion, which I believe are essential attributes required to become President of the RCM.

Election address and competency statement:

Elizabeth Bannnon

My name is Eliz Bannon, and I have been a midwife since 1979. My career has been embedded in providing front line maternity care to women and their families, working my way up from clinical midwife to Co-Director of the largest maternity service in Northern Ireland. I am passionate about the services we deliver and have worked tirelessly to ensure that the voices of women, midwives and maternity support workers are heard not only at a local level within their own maternity services but also at a national and strategic level. Their needs have always been at the centre of all my decision-making and while that hasn’t been without challenges it has been a great privilege. I am also passionate about supporting the next generation of midwives, together with our midwifery educators it is so rewarding to see students qualify and join the profession.

I have been a member of the RCM all my professional career and in my role as a Head of Midwifery understood the importance of the support that the RCM Regional Officers, organisers and stewards provide to RCM members throughout the UK.

So why would you consider me to be your president?  Having worked throughout my career within maternity services I understand only too well the issues you all face. I am committed to the values and vision of the RCM as being the voice of the midwifery profession and of their midwife, student midwife and maternity support worker members. Over the years I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with and influence wide and diverse groups of people and stakeholders, and this experience will be invaluable to the President’s role. I will put all my energies into ensuring that I faithfully represent the issues that are key to you and the midwifery profession.

Election address and competency statement:

Susan Way

I am writing my election address on the International Day of the Midwife and I can’t think of a better way to reflect on the pivotal role that midwives and MSWs have in supporting women and their families through their childbirth journey. 

What an amazing profession we are, something which has been particularly highlighted over this past year. Midwives and MSWs have quickly adapted to new ways of working, putting in long hours to ensure women still receive the care and compassion they rightly deserve. Our colleagues in education have gone above and beyond their expectations of changing almost overnight how they support students and continue to deliver meaningful and exciting sessions away from the classroom. And not forgetting our research midwives who in such difficult times, continued to provide the evidence to enhance the quality of care we offer.

Despite all of this, the midwifery community has still found the energy to celebrate the IDM in such innovative and creative ways, and baking cakes! I can honestly say I am proud to be a midwife. Congratulations to everyone.

The theme for this year’s IDM was ‘Follow the data: invest in midwives’. For me this means having students who want to come into the profession and have a vision of a long career ahead of them, employed in a workforce that is valued for the work they do.

As your President I would take pride in representing you on official engagements where I will take every advantage to raise the profile of the excellent work midwives and MSWs do. I would look forward to meeting many of you and listen to your stories as we all try and take time to recover and look forward to shaping the future for the next generation of midwives and birthing women.

Voting in the Election

The election is scheduled to take place from 1 - 22 June 2021. 

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