RCM President

Kathryn Gutteridge is the current RCM President

Kathryn is an established Consultant Midwife with a long history of clinical care in the NHS. She has worked in many diverse settings including neonatal services and community midwifery care. She was the Consultant Midwife and Clinical Lead for Low Risk Women at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust.

Passionate about women’s issues, particularly in relation to childbearing, Kathryn has a reputation for representing women’s psychological and mental wellbeing during this vulnerable stage of their lives. Further to this, Kathryn founded Sanctum Midwives; an organisation that educates, represents and challenges stigma around sexual abuse and its impact during motherhood.

In latter years Kathryn has led and promoted the ‘Your Birth in our Home’ project at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, opening the Serenity Birth Co-located Centre and Halcyon Stand-Alone Birth Centre. These services have transformed the pathway for low-risk women in the area and are changing the face of midwifery care for women in this region.

Kathryn is an experienced author and presenter on both a national and international circuit, specialising in emotional wellbeing during childbirth and women maintaining control over their choices. Her international profile has taken her to Israel, Dubai, Sweden, Tasmania and Australia where she has enjoyed sharing her midwifery experiences.

Kathryn’s doctoral studies are incomplete but she is investigating ‘Anxiety, Worry and Fear in relation to Childbearing Women’. Still very much clinically involved she has a passion for emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and has a weekly clinic where she provides care for women with a range of issues.

Professionally Kathryn has advised and participated in national policy and developing clinical excellence. She has joined other experts in reviewing maternity services UK wide and has provided future direction based on evidence and current practice, ensuring women can access high-quality care.