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Caring for You: Menopause

01 March 2019 The menopause is a natural part of ageing that occurs as a woman’s oestrogen levels decline and her periods stop. Due to the fall in oestrogen women can experience a range of symptoms, which may impact on health and wellbeing. Eating well and keeping ...

Understanding the Pay Charts

01 February 2019 The new pay deal is a complex arrangement over the next three years as we move from one pay structure to a new one, via a three year transition period. There are a number of charts being used showing different aspects of the restructure process, ...

The NHS Long Term Plan

07 January 2019 This is a summary produced by the Royal College of Midwives of the NHS Long Term Plan, published by NHS England on 7th January 2019. The purpose of the plan is to guide how the NHS in England develops over the next decade. You can find more information ...

RCM Board Members: required competencies

01 January 2019 Details of the core and additional competencies required of all members of the RCM Board. A candidate who demonstrates all the required competencies will, if elected, quickly make a full contribution as a member of the RCM Board.

Forced marriage

01 January 2019 Written evidence submitted by the Royal College of Midwives to the Home Office on Preventing and Tackling Forced Marriage – Mandatory Reporting Duty