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Resources for Global Midwifery

Resources for Global Midwifery

Overseas midwifery electives

As awareness of global health increases, many midwifery students are keen to take their university electives in a developing country. Working in this contrasting environment can build your knowledge and skills base while challenging your perceptions of midwifery – a great way for you to develop both personally and professionally. However, it is important to plan your elective well to make sure that both you and the country you are visiting benefit from your placement.

The RCM has worked with Dr Gaynor Maclean, author of ‘Electives and International Midwifery Consultancy: A Resource for Students, Midwives and Other Healthcare Professionals’ (click here to read a free chapter of the book) to develop an i-learn module to guide you through the process of planning and preparing for your overseas midwifery elective. The module includes:

  • Activities to clarify your motivations for undertaking an overseas elective
  • Preparation for the cultural, emotional, and professional challenges you may face
  • Opportunities to reflect on your personal development before and after your elective
  • Advice on planning and resourcing your elective
  • Links to our i-folio platform so you can create a body of evidence of your development through your elective.

Find the module by searching ‘elective’ on i-learn or click here

Advice on overseas volunteer / consultancy midwifery

Many of our members are engaged in volunteering or consultancy overseas, or are considering doing such work. It is important to be well prepared for these kinds of experiences, and to be mindful of your scope of practice and statutory obligations. Dr Gaynor Maclean and the RCM have developed two i-learn modules to help midwives prepare for overseas volunteering or consultancy placements: Global midwifery: considering theoretical issues and Global midwifery: considering practical issues, which can be found in the i-learn Professional and practice category, Global/overseas section.

For resources to help you prepare for overseas volunteering or consultancy, click here

To find out more about insurance arrangements for volunteering or consultancy overseas, click here

Resources for global midwifery

The RCM global team are collecting a range of reports and academic papers, practical tools and resources, and presentations and resources from global midwifery events to support our members in their learning about global midwifery. Click here for our growing library of resources.

International Confederation of Midwives

The RCM is a founding member of the International Confederation of Midwives. ‘The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) supports, represents and works to strengthen professional associations of midwives throughout the world. There are currently 119 Midwives Associations, representing 106 countries across every continent. ICM is organised into four regions: Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. Together these associations represent more than 400,000 midwives globally.’

To find out more about the International Confederation of Midwives click here

The ICM promotes the concept of ‘twinning’ as a way to strengthen midwives’ associations. The Global Midwifery Twinning Project used this concept to guide the formation of twinning relationships between the four UK RCM countries and midwives’ associations in Uganda, Cambodia and Nepal. The ICM recently released their twinning manual to guide new and existing twinning relationships between midwives’ associations.