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The Re:Birth project oversight group has been established in June 2021 to oversee the RCM’s collaborative ‘Re:Birth’ project.

This project aims to undertake a research led structured approach to developing an agreed consensus view among members of the maternity community in the UK (that is, professionals and service users) around some of the language used in relation to what different types of birth.  The research elements of the project will be undertaken by a research fellow, who will use a mixed methods approach to engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders.

The research will seek views, while also enabling stakeholders to hear and understand the views of others, in order to move towards a shared understanding.  

The two key questions that the research will seek to answer are:

  1. What are the agreed terms to describe different types of birth? That is, births without interventions, operative vaginal births and caesarean births.
  2. What is the agreed term to describe what type of birth experience maternity services in the UK will strive to provide for those we care for?

The Project Oversight group will bring the perspectives from a range of different stakeholders to the project, providing the researcher and the RCM’s project lead with guidance and views on methodology and development of the project over the ten month life of the project. The Project oversight group will also help shape decision making about the outputs of the project.


  • To help shape the methodology and outputs of the project.
  • To ensure that the Re:Birth project progresses at an appropriate pace to meet the objectives of the project in the timelines established.
  • To support the project researcher and project lead to access stakeholders to engage with the project from a variety of perspectives.
  • To facilitate the wide dissemination of information about the project to maximise engagement and understanding of the project among all stakeholder groups during the project.
  • To engage in sharing the findings and output of the project upon its completion with a wide range of stakeholder groups to ensure that the methodology and fjndings of the project are widely understood among the maternity community.


The membership of the Re:Birth project oversight group is available to view here

Frequency of Meetings

The Project oversight group will meet quarterly from 30 June 2021 for the life of the project.

Conduct of Meetings

Meetings will be chaired by Shirley Cramer, independent chair. The first meeting will be held virtually through Microsoft teams and then consensus will be sought about future conduct and location of meetings.



The RCM Project lead will submit a quarterly report to the RCM’s UK Directors about project progress and project oversight group activities.

The RCM will provide secretariat support to the group and will communicate with members of the group through email, sending meeting papers including action notes.

Financial Support

The RCM will support the Project oversight group through venue hire, lunch and refreshments for the any in person meeting. All other meetings and work will be conducted virtually.

Review of Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference will be agreed at the first meeting of the  Project oversight group.



‘Normality’ and the role of the midwife in statutory rules and midwifery textbooks in the UK: an analysis of the language

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