From debating and discussing issues affecting student midwives at local and national level to informing the work of the RCM and being a voice and a face for student midwives in both an academic and clinical setting, the Student Midwife Forum (SMF) plays a significant role in our work supporting and advocating for you.

The SMF also actively support the relationships and affiliations between your midwifery societies and RCM Branches. In our latest webinar below we introduce the current SMF members as they share some recent wins for students and what the next steps are for improving the student experience. If you’d like to contact your SMF representative, you can find more about each of them, their role and contact details below. If you're planning to stand for the SMF take a look at the writing a manifesto video.


We have re vamped SMF and increased the members in the regions in the hope that we can build better engagement with midwifery societies. We also have two members who will specifically lead on equality, diversity and inclusion and two members will lead on Race Matters. 

We will hold short meetings every other month and hold two face to face events per year plus annual Conference. 

Here are the forum members across Northern Ireland: 

Lauren Harkin,  Queen’s University Belfast  [email protected] 

I qualified as a registered nurse in 2020 but my goal was always to become a midwife. I'm currently enrolled in the midwifery masters programme at Queens University. I'm excited to work closely with members of the RCM and raise awareness of issues students are facing. I applied to the SMF because I'm passionate about being part of something that can bring about positive change for students across the UK.  


Here are the forum members across Scotland: 

  • Nic Ferguson (EDI lead), Edinburgh Napier University

    Isla Innes Love, University of the West of Scotland

Here are the forum members across Wales: 

  • Le-Shae Woodstock, Cardiff University [email protected]

    Sarah-Jane Birch, Bangor University [email protected] 

    I am a 3rd year student midwife at Bangor University in North Wales. I have come to midwifery as an experienced neurodivergent health care worker who has worked in the NHS for 9 years in emergency theatres. I am passionate about improving the practice learning environment to ensure inclusivity for all through compassionate leadership approaches in order to optimise student learning and experiences, and ultimately to improve outcomes for people, women and families accessing maternity care.

Here are the forum members across the North of England: 

  • India Rose Bakewell, University of York 


    Samantha Edwards, Bolton University  [email protected]   

    Empowering women whilst fostering inner strength, and enhancing the learning journey for midwifery students in the North West. These are my passions as a Student Midwife at the University of Bolton and Council Member for NHS England. Thoroughly enjoying my professional placement at ROH part of NCA trust. 

Here are the forum members across London: 

Khadija Isack (EDI lead) [email protected]


Ashanti Shaw, University of East London [email protected]

To be an advocate for women, we first need to be an advocate for each other. I want to help increase inclusivity, equality and diversity and make your voices be heard

Here are your forum members across the Midlands: 

  • Azba Alvi (RM Lead), Coventry University

    Kayty Richards, University of Derby

Here are the forum members across the South of England: 

Saffron Lewis, University of Southampton [email protected]

I’m a mother to two and a student midwife at the University of Southampton! I feel passionately about the challenges currently facing student midwives, such as our education facing unprecedented challenges and the increasing negative media – not only surrounding Maternity Services but as our entire NHS, the impact this has on our futures and making sure our voices are heard. Having a seat on the Student Midwife Forum, to me isn’t just about what we need to do, but also what we can do, what we have done, and celebrating both the little and the big wins along the way.


Gwenyth Lawless, University West of England [email protected]

I am on the SMF because I believe in the importance of promoting woman-centred care as well as continuity of care in practice to ensure woman have a better experience throughout their pregnancy.