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From debating and discussing issues affecting student midwives at local and national level to informing the work of the RCM and being a voice and a face for student midwives in both an academic and clinical setting, the Student Midwife Forum (SMF) plays a significant role in our work supporting and advocating for you.

The SMF also actively support the relationships and affiliations between your midwifery societies and RCM Branches. In our latest webinar below we introduce the current SMF members as they share some recent wins for students and what the next steps are for improving the student experience. If you’d like to contact your SMF representative, you can find more about each of them, their role and contact details below. If you're planning to stand for the SMF take a look at the writing a manifesto video.


We have re vamped SMF and increased the members in the regions in the hope that we can build better engagement with midwifery societies. We also have two members who will specifically lead on equality, diversity and inclusion and two members will lead on Race Matters. 

We will hold short meetings every other month and hold two face to face events per year plus annual Conference. 

Here are the forum members across Northern Ireland: 


Here are the forum members across Scotland: 

  • Nic Ferguson (EDI lead)
  • Isla Innes Love

Here are the forum members across Wales: 

Here are the forum members across the North of England: 

  • Sidrah Ahmed
  • India Rose Bakewell

Here are the forum members across London: 

  • Natalie Dickenson
  • Khadija Isack (EDI lead)


Here are your forum members across the Midlands: 

  • Azba Alvi (RM Lead)
  • Kayty Richards

Here are the forum members across the South of England: