Surrogacy: What do midwives need to know

The RCM is hosting this webinar to ensure midwives and MSWs are aware of the current framework around surrogacy in the UK, and proposed changes, to enable them to provide appropriate care and support. 

Louisa Ghevaert will give an overview of the legal framework around surrogacy, past, present and future, using her wealth of experience in fertility and family law to provide context for the maternity workforce, she will be joined by Sarah Jones. Sarah will share her unique journey, having been a surrogate five times herself, and continues to assist surrogates and intended parents with all aspects of their surrogacy journey through the work carried out at Surrogacy UK. Michael and Wes Johnson-Ellis will also share their journey to parenthood, reflecting on the support received by maternity services and suggesting future improvements for all involved in surrogacy maternity pathways. 

Why attend?

  1. To hear extensive, lived experiences of surrogates and Intended Parents within maternity services.
  2. To gain an updated overview and insight of the intricacies of surrogacy, historical and future developments within U.K Law.
  3. To gain a strong skill set and advice for best practice in becoming an advocate and ally when supporting surrogacy-related service users.