Leadership for activists training (June)

This course is aimed at experienced RCM activists who wish to further develop their leadership skills and expertise.  It is based in the theories and principles of leadership development that the RCM uses with midwife managers and clinical leaders.

The objective is to broaden your understanding and confidence in taking up an influencing position within the workplace and amongst colleagues. The course will link the issues that are being addressed in the workplaces with the macro issues that face the wider NHS in terms of financial, political and structural challenges.  It will focus on how and where activists can work to have maximum impact for members locally. 

 The course will be led by the RCM’s trade union and educational staff.  It will be highly interactive with the opportunity to test out the skills and approaches being introduced.  In a safe environment you will also get the opportunity to talk frankly with management side about what makes for good trade union relations. 

Event objectives  

By the end of the event, participants will be able to:- 

  • Understand the key issues impacting on the NHS nationally and locally.
  • Describe the challenges in maternity services in their Unit from the perspective of others.
  • Be conversant with leadership principles and be more confident in personal leadership skills.
  • Understand the impact of organisational culture on the organisation and on the individual.
  • Professionally challenge aspects of the service with which they are concerned.
  • Understand the role of the activist in influencing practice and culture.
  • Engage fully in the creation of the future of their organisation.

Training FAQs