Activists conference: south

Everybody in: Your place in the RCM

The 2024 in conference forms part of the ongoing training provided for all activists and is a great opportunity to learn from your peers, join in discussions and hear the latest employment relations updates. We will be reflecting on issues activists have raised throughout the year and provide you with tools to help support members and update you on the latest developments in the RCM.

Join us to celebrate your achievements, learn from each others experiences, develop your skills and discuss key issues with your colleagues.


  • Job evaluation
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Building our union
  • Celebrating RCM activists
  • Round tables with Unity Trust Bank, i-learn and others.

We will also have a few of organisations that can support you in your activist role will be attending and these will be announced at a later date.



The Sheraton Heathrow Hotel is offering a special rate for 14 October for 139 GBP per night


The hotel has may parking spaces and costs £15


Heathrow Terminals 2 & 3 railway station is a 7 minutes taxi ride away or use the Heathrow Hoppa or a local TFL bus.


The closet airport is Heathrow.