Research Strategy

The NMC’s standards of proficiency for midwives set significant standards in relation to research and the use of evidence. Our Research Strategy indicates the determination of the RCM to be an organisation that has research evidence at its core and that is committed to enhancing the research capacity and capability of midwives for the benefit of women, babies and families.

Current studies

UK- REACH The United Kingdom Research study into Ethnicity And COVID-19 outcomes in Healthcare workers - this study represents a partnership of leading researchers and clinicians with national organisations including the GMC, NMC, Royal Colleges and ethnic minority healthcare worker associations that will investigate if, how and why ethnicity affects COVID-19 clinical outcomes in healthcare workers. One aspect of the study is to recruit 8-10 midwives for a focus group. Midwives can contact the study team via the UK-REACH website or email the study team [email protected] to express an interest in taking part.

Health and social care workers’ quality of working life and coping while working during a Covid-19 Pandemic to the health professions today - Dr Patricia Gillen is a midwife and holds a joint post between the Southern Health and Social Care Trust and Ulster University as Head of Research and Development for Nurses, Midwives and AHPs/Reader. She would like midwives to complete her survey (this is the second of a series of three).

Strategies to improve iodine status in pregnancy: a qualitative study examining the knowledge and confidence of midwives providing dietary advice - Dr Lucy Kayes is undertaking a PhD at Queen’s University, Belfast and is seeking midwives and those involved in academic midwifery to complete a one-to-one interview covering the topic of nutrition in pregnancy, focusing on iodine. The interview will take approximately 30 minutes and can be carried out via telephone or teleconferencing applications. Please click for a poster. If you are interested in participating contact Lucy Kayes at [email protected]

Pear Study – dietary exposure to toxic metals Dr Caroline Taylor is a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol. She would like to hear from midwives about their knowledge of dietary information and toxic metals (mercury and lead). She would like midwives’ involvement in the development of a questionnaire and, later, responses to the online questionnaire. For more information visit the website. Contact Caroline if you are interested in participating [email protected]

PAN-COVID registry study - Midwife Alison Perry of Imperial College is the project manager of the PAN-COVID registry study. This is a world-wide endeavour to understand the clinical picture of COVID-19 in pregnant women and neonates. The PAN-COVID project is not only important to our collective understanding of the virus in pregnancy, but it also makes a very practical way to involve midwives in research.

New mum study - Professor Mary Fewtrell and colleagues at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health are running an online survey to collect information on the experiences of mothers during different stages of the lockdown, the COVID-19 New Mum Study. They are asking midwives to share this anonymous online survey with women with an infant under 12 months, there are questions around birth and infant feeding and it takes 15-20 minutes to complete. The study team is particularly keen to hear from women from BAME communities as they are currently underrepresented in the responses that they have received.


The RCM, alongside other organisations, offers scholarships to support midwives' professional development with the aim of encouraging individuals to conduct research, undertake continuing professional development or to enable innovation of changes in practice.

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